Meet Sterling Properties

Excellence in every aspect of development

Our whole home approach to development means careful oversight of every detail from municipal approvals and groundbreaking day until well past the ribbon cutting.

Land Acquisition

Sterling Properties begins every project by selecting an ideal location – a process informed by decades of experience transforming communities through innovations and foresight.

We are much more than simply a builder of beautiful homes.


Long before breaking ground, we conceive and engineer each aspect of a development with exacting precision and meticulous planning.

We carefully manage every facet of the development process.


We are committed to quality and strive to use only the very best materials and most modern techniques, including LEED certified Green Building practices. The attention to every detail of every home we create is our legacy of enduring quality.

Green Building

Sterling is on the cutting edge of the latest in green and environmentally sustainable building practices. Our LEED certification is a representation of our commitment to building a brighter future for all.

We understand and service all the needs of a community.


At Sterling Properties, we understand and service all the needs of a community. We possess the necessary expertise to seamlessly, efficiently, and effectively manage our growing portfolio of properties at the highest level.